What Makes Us Different - We Go The Extra Mile! 

We offer wonderful luxury small group Tours with a locally born and raised Guide who will meet you from your Ship at the Dover Cruise Terminal.

Here you will climb onboard our luxury vehicle with 16 or less other passengers and we will take you on a journey of Castles, Cathedrals, Cliffs and amazing English Countryside.

We always make sure our passengers are comfortable and relaxed for the day ahead where you will experience the wonders of the White Cliffs of Dover area in the garden of England.

We aim to give you a wonderful day full of beautiful architecture, history and, of course,

the breathtaking views on the top of the world renowned White Cliffs of Dover. 

Have a look below for the date you would like to book!

or contact us if you have a tour you would like us to create... Discover more!


Celebrity Cruises - Celebrity Reflection 

Dover Cruise Terminal - July 31 2021

Indulge yourself on a day exploring the wonders of Kent!  starting with a visit to one of the most beautiful Castles in the Country, Leeds Castle, the home of six Queens of England in its time! over 900 years old it is a beauty to behold.

Let's visit the Medieval City of Canterbury, steeped in lots of history and charming tales of pilgrims.  The home of a beautiful and stunning Cathedral where you can enjoy a private guided tour.

The day wouldn't be complete without visiting the awe-inspiring, world renowned White Cliffs of Dover, plenty of Photo Opportunities!

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Book a Private Guided Tour for 16 People or Less

Are you coming to Dover with your Cruise Ship and considering seeing the wonders of Kent? including the glorious White Cliffs of Dover

why not consider one of our Tours where we will show you some of the historic buildings and wonderful countryside Kent has to offer.

Just let us know the date you would like by filling out the contact form so that we can start promoting & creating a memorable day for you to enjoy!

Or do you have a larger group and are you looking for a closed private guided tour just for yourselves?


Royal Caribbean - Brilliance of the Seas. 

Dover Cruise Terminal - 2021

As your Cruise Ship docks at the Dover Cruise Terminal you will be able to admire the White Cliffs of Dover! 

Join us for the day and we will take you to the enchanting Leeds Castle, 

steeped in history and considered one of the most beautiful Castles in the world!

Visit Canterbury, a wonderful City with lots of tales to tell including a magnificent ancient Cathedral.

Finally, you will step onto the White Cliffs of Dover and enjoy the most amazing views across the English Channel with lots of photo opportunities!

Not a day to be missed!


Carnival Cruises - Carnival Legend 

Dover Cruise Terminal - 2021

Let us take you on a wonderful day starting with an early morning visit to the Stunning White Cliffs of Dover, with its captivating views across the English Channel, you won't be disappointed!

Then on a short journey to the Medieval City of Canterbury which is steeped in history including an amazing Cathedral where you can enjoy a private guided tour where you will learn all the wonderful stories hidden over the years!

Finally we will visit the Majestic Dover Castle, the largest in England and standing proud on the hill, built to defend the honour of England!


Celebrity Cruises - Celebrity Reflection 

Dover Cruise Terminal - 2021

Why not join us and visit the enchanting Dover Castle, a Fortress standing proud as it has throughout history. The key to Englands defence, it has played a huge role for many Kings and Queens in years gone by and continues to be a sight to behold.

So, lets sit back and relax, as we take you on a drive through some English countryside to see some of our Kentish Villages, with their quirky streets and history of smuggling.  You will see traditionally English homes and fields of sheep grazing.  You are guaranteed to enjoy the ride!